Sussex’ second digital switchover takes place

The second switch from analogue to digital in the South occurred today with most of the West Sussex analogue signals turned off boosting digital TV offerings.

Now that the switch has occurred many analogue channels will no longer broadcast in the south, but digital ‘blackspots’ such as Steyning and Haslemere will now be able to receive BBC Freeview broadcasting.

Southern residents in the area that already receive Freeview will need to reset their boxes and televisions in order to get new BBC services that they were previously missing out on. The switch was officially started during the early morning hours when the analogue transmission of BBC Two was turned off.

However, it will take until March 14th for all analogue channels to be turned off.Over this time span, more Freeview Channels will become available via local transmitters for the first time in the area including broadcasts from Channel 5, ITV, and Channel 4.

Regional manager Bill Taylor of Digital UK stated that the switch is great news for West Sussex as it will mean many new television channels for the viewing public. He added that viewers that have not yet made the switch to digital will want to do so by March 14th because after that date all analogue channels will disappear.

Disabled people and those that are older in age are eligible to receive a monetary discount or free equipment to receive digital broadcasting. Those who need to sign up for equipment, after-care, or installation can call the help scheme call centre at 0800 4085900.