Sussex trading standards investigate kebabs

A recent investigation into food safety by the West Sussex Trading Standards Services has revealed strange facts about kebabs. Apparently, it appears that food labelling is at issue, with kebab houses mis-labelling lamb or doner kebabs, with over 8 out of 10 descriptions being wrong in some cases, according to some of the officers who took part in the investigation on the ground, examining the food products.

According to the report, a lot of the lamb kebabs actually contained beef, poultry and veal along with the expected lamb meat. In fact, close to one quarter of the 38 stores visited were mixing lamb with other meats, and mislabelling the resulting products. Most people who buy lamp or doner kebab expect only lamb, and different meat products should not be found in that food, unless the description says otherwise.

It seems like this was not a case of mischievous acts, but instead most proprietors seemed to not understand the rules correctly, according to the West Sussex Trading Standards. It seems like this was not an attempt to deceive the public, and the sellers were given a warning so that they could correct the situation.

The Trading Standards visit shops on a regular basis to catch this type of problem, since food labeling can be a serious issue if it is done incorrectly. Products for sale have to contain the ingredients that are on the box, otherwise it could be a food safety issue.