Sussex trains have the highest UK crime rate

New figures indicate that Sussex trains record the highest crime rate in the country. British Transport Police have revealed statistics that indicate that that the countries two major train operators are among the top five in the country for crime.

Southeastern had 1143 crimes in its network in the year 2013, which made the network the second highest while Southern had 864 crimes in its network making it the fourth highest. First Great Western had the highest number of crimes in the country as it recorded 1179 incidents of crime. However, no Sussex’s operators featured among the top five for crimes per passenger.

Among the crimes recorded, the most common ones were theft of luggage, which stood at 32%, violence was at 15%, cars and cycle crime was 14%, theft of railway property and public disorder were both 9%.

A spokesman for Southeastern indicated that the security and safety of their passengers was very important and according to him, their trains and stations are among the safest areas in the community. He went on to add Southeastern was working closely with BTP in order to target any offenders and remove them from the network. He added that there was 24-hour CCTV coverage and offices in the trains as well as the stations to monitor the network round the clock. In order to make the monitoring process much easier, Southeaster has employed more officers.

The spokesman also went on to say that they had launched an extra security measure referred to as eyewitness which would allow passengers to report any kind of antisocial behaviour to officers in the railway control centre who would then respond immediately. The spokesman added that all the measures were aimed at reducing offences in the network. He also said that it was also essential for passengers to remain vigilant, as this would also ensure their safety in the network.