Sussex University protests still rumbling on

This is not the first time that the University of Sussex is seeing protests and opposition, with several events having occurred in the past few years. But this time, the opposition is broad and focuses on the outsourcing for building some of the new areas of the school. Among the opponents, we can now count the staff and some of the teachers from several schools, research centres and departments.

The opponents have been sending out statements saying they stand united against the decision from upper management, and that they do not want this outsourcing to happen. The amount of groups and districts adding their voices to the protests have been growing steadily over the past months, with the recent eviction of protesters being a turning point for many. The event occurred at the start of the month when several students were thrown off the school ground for protesting.

These protests had been going for weeks, and they are still going today, with no sign of stopping. Over 140 faculty members have joined their voices to the students, asking management not to gut the University. This includes people from the School of English, School of Media, School of History, Art History, Education, Social Work and more.

Together, they sent a letter saying that management is refusing to engage in a dialogue, and asking them to stop threatening further evictions. The faculty members say they fully support the cause of the protesters. They even asked the courts to issue a ban on further eviction letters on the Conference Centre, where a lot of the protests take place. The latest consultations are set to end at the end of April, when more will become known.