Sussex whooping cough epidemic shows no signs of slowing

A wave of whooping cough that is slowly spreading throughout Sussex has not shown any signs yet of slowing down as there have already been 254 cases reported so far which is eight times the amount that were recorded last year and there are still three months left in the year. Children and adults are the most likely to come down with whooping cough, but some babies have been diagnosed as well.

In an effort to help quash the spread of the virus, parents are being told to make sure that they are staying up to date with the vaccinations of their children. Already there have been 46 cases in Hove and Brighton and in East Sussex there have been a total of 101 cases reported. In West Sussex there have been a total of 107 cases reported. It is also predicted that the number might be higher, but not everyone that has suffered from whooping cough has gone to the doctor for aid.

Whopping cough can be very serious for young children that come down with the virus and in some cases without proper treatment can lead to death. Adults also suffer from some particularly bad symptoms but usually they will go away without any permanent effects.

One of the main problems with whopping cough is that it spreads quickly and is highly infectious, but at least the take-up rate for vaccinations in the UK is considered good. With age the vaccination does wear off however which is one reason why a large amount of those infected are adults who then have the potential to spread it to children.