Sussex Yeomans of Worthing win Nissan dealership award

A Nissan dealer located in Preston, Lancashire has taken home the coveted Nissan Global Award as a result of its world class customer care and sales success. The Fred Coupe Nissan has been a Nissan dealership for the past forty years, and was named one of the top performing dealerships located in the UK. In honour of the award, it was also given a trophy.

Internationally 117 Nissan dealerships has been awarded the honour, three of which are based in the UK. The other two past UK winners include the Sussex Yeomans of Worthing and the JS Holmes found in Wisbech in Cambridgeshire.

GB Managing Director of Nissan, James Wright, presented the trophy to Fred Coupe at a ceremony held to mark the occasion on October 2nd. Coupe stated that it was an honour to be recognized as a top performer for Nissan globally and commented that they have experienced a great deal of success over the past year.

He added that they are the fourth generation to run the business and have worked with Nissan for almost the past four decades.  At the moment, he explained, that sales are strong with the large range of vehicles that Nissan has put off, especially among the Juke and Qashqai models.

Coupe’s goal in the future is to reach out customers and sell an additional thousand new and used cars over the course of the coming sales year.  He closed his speech by saying that the reason they have been able to continue to run such a successful business is because of the customer centric strategy of the dealership, which makes sure that every customer feels like family.