Tax credit adjustments leave Sussex families out of pocket

Because of the government’s adjustments to working tax credits, it is estimated that around 3000 homes in Sussex are going to be over £70 a week down on the previous benefit amount. This news has recently come after figures were released by the office of the Treasury and it is expected that several residents of the county are going to be put into poverty because of these cuts.

Currently, estimates say that around 6000 children are going to be affected by the changes, and these are mostly the children of people who work on a part-time basis. If couples want to keep receiving the benefit that they get for their children, they are going to have to increase the number of hours they are working.

Tax credits can be worth up to nearly £4000 a year and if parents want to receive their full entitlement, they are going to have to increase the amount of hours they are working to a minimum of 24 a week.

The government has said that the changes to the system are going to be overall beneficial for the people as they are going to be encouraged to work more hours. However, because of the bad situation of the economy, many of the people that the government thought they would benefit, have been unable to find jobs that will offer additional hours, so they are stuck with much less money and an increased risk of poverty.

A parents group from Brighton is headed by Georgie Kennedy and the organisation have recently completed research which estimates that around 1400 children will be permanently put into poverty, that they won’t be able to get out of, because of the changes to the system. She has commented, “This is disastrous news for worse off people in the county.”