The 2013 I Love Art exhibition in Brighton will also feature male artists

An Exhibition is to take place at the Brighton Jubilee Library on the 1st-15th March which will coincide with International Women’s Day. Following on from the success of the 2012 ’13 Women’ exhibition which was staged by I Love art, this hugely popular event is returning to Brighton this spring.

This year there is a twist, however, as in a celebration of gender equality across the globe, as well as the 13 female artists, this years exhibition will also feature 13 male artists. The theme of the 2013 event is Transition, and the extended line up includes international artists too.

An open evening to coincide with ‘International Woman’s Day’ will be hosted on 8 March, 2013 from 8-10.30pm. This year’s International Woman’s Day has the theme of “The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum”, which is a befitting match to the current theme of the ’13 Women’ expo!

A curated exhibition, ’13 Women’ attracts visual artists from diverse disciplines, who bequeath an appropriate work to the show. The aim is to celebrate the strength of men and women working together to achieve common goals.

During the event, the 13 featured women 13 men will exhibit their paintings, photography and digital art alongside thoughtful approaches to artwork incorporating books, latex and fabric. Alongside the 26 new pieces, the best of ’13 Women 2012′ will be displayed in recognition of the history of the show.

Sarah Gillings, event organiser and I Love Art founder, comments: “International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the numerous achievements of women throughout history. During the last 100 years alone, women have come a long way.

Although there are still countries where women lack basic human rights, in many countries, they now enjoy freedom of speech, rights to divorce, equal voting rights and equal rights in the workplace. Men have supported women in their campaign and we want to salute them!

Therefore, with this year’s ’13 Women’ – which also includes 13 men – we aim to explore the similarities between men and women, instead of the differences! We aim to be pro-woman and not anti-man!”

She adds: “The theme of ‘Transition’ unites the artists and the development process behind the show as we move from local to international, one gender to two, and from displaying original artworks to centralising print-making opportunities for the featured artists. We aim to make art accessible to everyone.”

All works presented in the 2013 ’13 Women’ show will be available for sale – either as originals or affordable prints. With the retailing of high-quality reproductions, the artists will benefit from long-term returns on their bequeathed artwork, after the show.

The 2012 inaugural run of ’13 Women’ attracted more than 42,000 visitors. The 2013 event takes place from 10am-5pm on 1-15 March, 2013, at Brighton Jubilee Library, Jubilee Square, BN1. Entry is free of charge.