The Argus Take It Home campaign aims to clean up our beaches

Keeping beaches clean and free from rubbish has recently become a priority in the UK and has been backed by an important campaign called the Argus Take It Home campaign. A District Council in Arun has recently organised a group of people to pick up litter on the beach in order to keep it clean.

Another group that organise beach cleanups is the West Beach Volunteers, and they go to clean up beaches on a monthly basis. Recently they cleared up in Littlehampton, where they accumulated nearly 15 bags of rubbish.

This group is made up of eight people, who are all volunteers, and they are doing an incredible job to keep the beaches clean. They’ve stated that some of the most popular items for people to litter on a beach include food containers, plastic bags as well as disposable barbecues.

The group comes together on the first Wednesday of each month and works for two hours to clear litter from beaches. They also work to improve the nature of the beach by documenting the number of plants species that are present and work to get rid of plants which are invasive.

A representative from the Parks Department in the local area is Dee Christiansen and she has commented, “Every month we do find something to clear up but in recent weeks things have been particularly bad. When the weather is better more people come to the beach and unfortunately many of them decide to litter. It is disgusting that people choose to ruin beaches by littering, but we are delighted to have a group of volunteers who work so hard to clean up the beaches.

“Unfortunately, rubbish is something that really puts people off visiting a beach. By clearing the litter away people are able to enjoy a clean environment and some of this country‚Äôs spectacular nature.”