The Ariel Drama Academy set to launch their Stand-up School

The Stand-up School is about to be launched by the Ariel Drama Academy. The school is being launched through a collaboration with MoonCandy Productions. This production company is headed by Mel Moon and she first started as a stand-up comedian back in 2007.

Since that time she has become very popular and has performed at some of the most notable venues across the country. She has also performed alongside some of the country’s most notable comedians, including those who make regular television appearances.

She has been working with a co-founder of the company, David Candy, and they have together written several television programmes. One of the most notable of these is Wake Up England, which is currently being produced.

The company said that they are very pleased to be joining forces with this comedy school in order to create the class. Mel Moon has said, “Comedy is something that should not be taken for granted and I’m very excited about being able to offer people the opportunity to get involved with it.

Comedy is not just valuable for entertaining people, but it can be a great self confidence booster for children. If you feel that your child is lacking in self-confidence, it can be a great idea to enroll them in the school as it will help them develop this valuable life skill.”

Co-founder David Candy has said, “One of the best things about this school is that at the end of the course all of the aspiring comedians are going to be able to perform five minutes of their own material which they have developed themselves. This is going to be done at an event which is open to the public and is sure to be a great attraction for family and friends. The course is going to run for 10 weeks in total.”