The Brighton Centre

The Brighton Centre is a huge conference and concert venue serving Brighton and Hove. Many political party conferences are held there, and a huge amount of the worlds most famous musicians, singers and entertainers have performed there over the thirty two years since it first opened its doors.

As well as performances and meetings, the centre has played host to some of the largest exhibitions Britain has ever known. Indeed the Brighton centre is still the biggest conference centre in the whole of Europe.

The centre’s first gig was the International folk festival which ran from the second to the fourth of September 1977. Many super-famous names appeared at the centre even on this first night, including the legendary country and western singer Burl Ives who was made famous by ‘Paint your wagon’.

This was just the beginning, and the bookings came in hard and fast from then on. Just a small fraction of the big names who have performed at the centre include The Beatles, Cliff Richard, Queen, and Bing Crosby of White Christmas famously sang there in his last performance before he died just four days later after playing golf.

Over the years thousands of performers such as these have graced the stage at the Brighton centre. But the other events which have been hosted by the great building must not be forgotten, including international basketball and gymnastic contests, as well as many, many more sporting events, and of course many hundreds of exhibitions of all varieties, including some years ago, a dinosaur exhibition.