The economy in Sussex is looking a lot brighter

The economic outlook in Sussex is looking up. In particular unemployment figures have shown a marked improvement, thanks in part to various job creation programmes being promoted throughout the region.

Unemployment figures fell for the second month in a row. Sussex recorded consecutive monthly decreases of over 1,000 seeking work while Brighton and Hove also recorded reductions of 170 and 258 respectively over the last quarter.

City College at Brighton and Hove has been working hard with schemes to boost employment and job creation. Managing director of Business Skills, Donna Keenan says the figures are a reflection of the work various organisations have put into assisting the jobless and the college is involved in several partnership programmes designed to boost growth and employment.

The Brighton and Hove’s Chamber of Commerce also welcomed the news. President Julia Chanteray is delighted with the news that unemployment is well below the national average and continues to fall.

Chanteray and her colleagues have been working with the local council on apprenticeship programmes as well as promoting a series of support initiatives for small business. She says the council has been supportive of the chamber’s Ride the Wave programme and they will continue to support and promote such schemes.

Sussex Enterprise, the city’s chamber of commerce is encouraged by the figures, especially in light of the worsening economic crisis throughout Europe. Chief executive Mark Froud stresses that the private sector wants to “drive the recovery” while the government sector looks at cutting costs.

But Froud is concerned the government needs to do more in the area of job creation and the general mood for cutbacks may make any recovery harder, especially combined with the worsening position throughout Europe. Businesses are certainly “working hard to grow” but further austerity programmes could result in further cutbacks to jobs.