University of Sussex submit plan for new halls of residence

A planning application for more student halls of residence at the University of Sussex could have a knock-on effect on the number of flats and houses available for families and professionals to rent in the Northfield area of Brighton.

Most rental properties in this part of town are snapped up by students, leading to a shortage of housing for other groups in need of accommodation.

However, plans by the University of Sussex to build three more apartment blocks on the Falmer campus could provide accommodation for up to 150 first-year students, opening up dozens of properties in the surrounding area to other renters and buyers. If successful, this latest development would bring the number of student beds in the Northfield area to over 1,000.

In its planning application, the University acknowledged that the chosen site is in the South Downs National Park, but claimed that the extra accommodation was essential for the institution to continue to attract the best students to the area, which in turn would allow it to compete with other British universities for funding and opportunities.

Now attended by over 11,000 students,the University of Sussex added in its application that the first phase of its accommodation development programme was already finished, and that the second phase, currently under construction, will be complete in the summer of 2012. If this new application is approved, the building work is expected to be complete in mid-2013.