Unrecyclable waste paper forms basis of unique Brighton art exhibition

The Full Circle exhibition from Beccy NcCray is continuing until Sunday 9th Feb at Brighton’s ONCA Gallery. This installation consists of tens of thousands of those tiny round circles of paper that you throw away after you have used a hole punch. They all come from waste paper that cannot be recycled and foil bases Christmas wrapping paper which together simulate snow.
Full Circle playfully explores how beauty can be found in something that has been rejected. It invites visitors to quite literally immerse themselves in the artwork, feel physically snowed under the vast amounts of waste generated over the festive season, and reflect on the impact this has on our environment.
You can also attend a Full Circle ‘punch party’ workshop at ONCA this Saturday, or drop in un-recyclable paper (high foil content) to the gallery’s ‘punch point’. You can find details on the links below plus see more photos:
http://beccymccray.com/Full-Circle  |  http://onca.org.uk/fullcircle/  |  http://www.full-circle-project.tumblr.com/ 
Finally, all the hole-punches will be given back to the local community – from which much of it was sourced – and re-invented for arts and craft use, bringing the life-cycle of the paper full circle.
If you are interested in receiving a complimentary bag of the hole punches for your own project please contact Beccy through the link on the above website.