‘Want to Work’ helps people find jobs in Albion

Want to Work is a project being run in Albion by a charity that is designed to help people who are looking for jobs. The scheme has been very successful and it is expected that it will be expanded in the near future after a great initial amount of success in Brighton.

The scheme was launched last November in the city and over 60 businesses in the local area have become involved. A great deal of work experience opportunities have been arranged by the charity and permanent employment has even been found for five people so far.

The scheme focuses on training people and then providing them with job opportunities and it is about to expand into Sussex. Both parts of Sussex are going to be involved with it being introduced to West Sussex first, and then East Sussex later in the month.

The charity is currently working very hard to get employers in the region involved with the scheme and it hopes that by the end of May over 100 companies will have signed up. Training courses are also being organised by the charity, in association with American Express. These are going to offer people the opportunity to improve their employability.

The education manager for the charity, Carl Southwell has commented, “The reason the scheme is working so well is because before we find people a work opportunity, we get to know them. The profiling process is in-depth and makes sure that we only match the right people with the right companies.”