West Sussex announces £50 million infrastructure investment

West Sussex County Council has recently announced that £50 million worth of infrastructure investment will be made in the county. It is hoped that the plans will boost the speed of broadband in the area which in turn will create more jobs and hopefully attract more tourists to the region.

£15 million will also be allocated to four other areas of spending outside of broadband including increasing energy efficiency in houses and improving flood readiness. Another £6 million has been awarded to the county from the government and this is also going to be used for improving the speed of broadband connections in the region.

Lionel Barnard is the deputy leader of West Sussex county council and he has recently stated, “Having a fast broadband connection is vital for businesses in the local area. Many people operate their businesses out of their home and having a reliable connection is essential to their success. This improved infrastructure will allow businesses and residents to have faster access to broadband and will improve the reliability of the connection.”

Mr Barnard said that he felt confident about achieving the council’s goals regarding faster Internet services and was sure that the money being spent would be enough to do this. He continued, “Having a better connection will also mean that prices can come down and it will also have many other advantages for the community. Having reliable access to the Internet can also help reduce social isolation.”

A select committee that has been established to discuss resources and policies that the council are dealing with has been also working hard. This December they will be discussing the plans by the council and their viability. Once these discussions have been completed they will publish a report about the matter and details of its implementation.