West Sussex author debuts her children’s book Sheepy and the Riddle of the Occurrence

Henrietta Williams, who resides in Storrington, was inspired to create the star of her debut children’s book, Sheepy, from a drawing that her son did.

“Sheepy was a character that my son doodled,” explains Henrietta. “He didn’t start out as a book, but the world he lives in was created in my head the moment I saw him.” Sheepy and the Riddle of the Occurrence is set in the World of Sheepy – a magical, mystical world, full of adventure and crazy creatures!

Readers are invited to join Sheepy and his friends, Mouse, Sox, Bob and Martha, the unlikely band of heroes, where a magical journey is about to unfold and a mysterious riddle begs to be solved. Wizzles, Tree Stompers and Tweedle Twitchers await, as – with the reader’s help – our adventurers try to solve the perplexing Riddle of the Occurrence.

Sheepy and the Riddle of the Occurrence is an illustrated tale of friendship, teamwork and adventures that will delight children who love to read and enthrall those who love to listen. “I never intended to write a book,” observes Henrietta. “I had been introduced to Richard Berner, the book’s illustrator, who had done some wonderful drawings of Sheepy. As the images progressed I wanted to try and make Sheepy so much more than an image on a T-shirt. I had to bring this magical world of mysterious creatures that was evolving from Richard’s illustrations to life. And so the idea of a book was born!”