West Sussex author Judith Thomson publishes 3rd historical novel High Heatherton

Overthrowing the King of England and avoiding treason is a risky business in Judith Thomson’s new novel

Inspired by the 17th century, Sussex author Judith Thomson has used the fascinating era as the basis for her new novel,High Heatherton . “The 17th century was filled with such vibrant characters and rich settings that it was a natural fit for where to base my novel,” explains Judith.

High Heatherton follows Philip Devalle, the younger son of an earl, who is left penniless when his older brother, declared insane and locked away in Bedlam, inherits his family estate, High Heatherton. When Philip leaves the French army and returns to England he has only one aim – to acquire High Heatherton for himself.

Lord Shaftesbury, an old associate of Devalle’s and a prolific schemer, promises to use his influence with the courts to help him get High Heatherton back. But Shaftesbury’s help comes at a hefty price. He wants Philip to lead a daring plot – a plot to place King Charles’ illegitimate son, the Duke of Monmouth, who Shaftesbury can easily manipulate, on the throne.

Philip has enemies in England, enemies who would be only too pleased to see him fail, but he knows to tread carefully if he is to avoid being tried for treason. All too soon Philip fears that he has got himself in too deep and has set in motion a plan that he is unable to stop. It’s a dangerous game that Philip is forced to play, one which could cost him everything, including his life…