West Sussex VW Heritage offers more than 17,000 parts for purchase

In a business move which brings to mind the Inuit, snow and a pretty impressive sales technique, British company  VW Heritage  have started selling classic Volkswagen parts back to the very place they came from.

Founded in 1986, VW Heritage have spent the last 29 years making a name for themselves as the ‘go to guys’ for enthusiasts worldwide working on Volkswagen projects. But now, after carefully tracking demand, they have launched a German website dedicated to helping German VW devotees with their VW projects.

Whether a customer is looking for a finishing touch or a complete new chassis for a classic VW Beetle, the team of specialists (and VW fanatics) in Shoreham-by-Sea on the South Coast of England will be able to help, having made it their mission to keep this iconic brand alive.

David Ward, VW Heritage founder, joked: ” It’s like selling snow to the Eskimos really; we never expected to be in a situation where we would be launching a website in German, but with the demand for our services internationally we have made this commitment to help the German VW community with their VW projects too “.

The German website www.vwheritage.de is now live and offers more than 17,000 parts for purchase. The site is fully translated – both the navigation and descriptive text – and payment is in Euros.