West Sussex women living longer

The life expectancy of women is West Sussex has risen to 83.5 years, and men in the area aren’t far behind, as they are now expected to live until they are 80.2 years old. These new figures were released by the Office of National Statistics and they show that since 2004 the life expectancy rates have been rising steadily.

Overall in the UK, the highest levels of life expectancy belong to those who live in the London areas of Chelsea and Kensington, whilst those living in Glasgow have the lowest. Dorset is the top county in the South for female life expectancy at 84.8 years, closely followed by Surrey at 84.3.

In local areas, the average life expectancy at birth increased by an average 0.9 years for women, and one year for men. The greatest rise in life expectancy since 2004 is in London, where the figures have increased by 1.3 years for women and 1.6 years for men.

A spokesperson for the Office of National Statistics said that although it would seem that there was a big advantage of living in London, the life expectancy rates are likely to be due to a number of factors. Just some of possible reasons given were that there are many affluent parts of the capital and many healthy and employed individuals have moved there.