Western Sussex Hospitals Trust has high death rate

Death rates have been higher-than-expected in several hospitals across the UK and Western Sussex Hospitals Trust was one of the groups with a high death rate that has raised alarms. The trust operates several hospitals in the area and the amount of patients dying from conditions they would normally survive in a hospital is higher than was expected.

Dr Philip Barnes is the medical director for the trust and he is said, “We are currently looking at data from the various hospitals to see if there are any issues underlying these hospitals and needs to be addressed. We are currently examining the situation to see what lessons we can learn and find new ways to offer our patients better care. This is going to be an extensive and thorough review of the hospitals within the trust.”

Dr Barnes did comment that the hospitals ratings have been adversely affected because of the ageing population in the UK. He said, “Older people are more likely to be affected negatively by what are normally assessed as low risk conditions. This means that they are more likely to die from a condition that a younger person would survive. The group of patients in our trust has an exceptionally high median age, 85 years, so the results from this investigation must be viewed with this figure in mind.”