What mobility issues do people in Sussex face?

Generally speaking, Sussex is an area of the UK which has worked hard to provide wide levels of accessibility. Much of Sussex’s public transport and many of its most popular local attractions now offer unrivalled disabled access. However, the mobility issues of the elderly and those with physical disabilities are not limited to the public sphere, but often extend to the home.

As the size of the elderly population grows, so does the number of people who find it hard to be fully independent at home. Whether it is taking care of basic domestic duties or simply getting around the home, there are a number of issues which people face that could be easily eliminated with a small amount of care.

The amount of care that most need is relatively small. Often, people require help with just a few aspects in order to be able to continue with their general daily activities. Understandably, those who are independent in most respects but who struggle with mobility can be reluctant to pay for care. A wide number of these obstacles could be overcome by the installation of some basic and inexpensive products.

Instead of forking out for care where it is not necessary, what can be of great help to those in Sussex who struggle with moving around their home is the installation of some simple features. While a lot of elderly and disabled people are forced to move home due to difficulties in getting around, many others have combated this problem by installing a chairlift to help them with the stairs in their home. Improving home life is easier than it seems thanks to the latest mobility devices.

Other simple solutions such as fixing handrails and easily accessible baths can go a long way to ensuring that people are able to stay in their homes for longer. Local authorities can advise you on the changes which you can make to your home that require no planning permission. Often, people could also be entitled to receive council grants which can help contribute towards the cost of making such improvements.

The great news for those who struggle with mobility is that there are a lot of options out there.