Will spring ever come to Sussex?

There was yet more falling snow in Sussex this week, with winter refusing to go away in this county. Many places around West Sussex all the way to Kent have seen temperatures as low as 2C, or 35F. There was also light snow dusting down with almost 2cm covering the ground, depending on where. Gritters tonight were out across Britain ensuring the main roads were open and at least people could get home easily enough.

Dan Williams, deputy at the Met Office, spoke about the climate change and said it would not amount to much, maybe dusting at the most. By tomorrow, most of it would be gone. Only a few snow flakes should be seen falling down to the ground. Meanwhile, the snow will keep coming in sporadic showers for hours, if not a couple of days, and it will be completely gone by Friday.

Most of that snow comes from north-eastern Europe according to meteorologists at the Met Office, and with high pressure over England, the cold air is sent right overhead. Any shower now coming down turns to snow before it hits the ground. Although temperatures will go up on Monday when a new weather front will come in, these conditions will persist throughout April.

Mr Williams added that windy conditions and rain will remain in the air for quite some time now, as is often the case in Spring. Bad April weather is not all that unusual, and snow is more likely to come down at Easter than Christmas. The latest snow date was the 2nd June back in 1975, although that is a very unlikely event and snow has only come this late once in recorded history. Of course, they could not say in advance whether this is likely to happen.