William Parker Sports College suffering due to lack of teachers

William Parker Sports College, in Parkstone Road, was found by Ofsted inspectors to be below standards in every key area, and has now been placed into special measures. The school for boys was found lacking in leadership, behaviour, achievement, safety, and quality of teaching. The report stating this was published this week and was based on an inspection last November.

The tell-all report also says that the school must make positive changes in quality of teaching in two areas. First, they must improve the general level of expectations across the board, and second, they must ensure that disabled students are given the support they require in learning.

Currently, the percentage of students who are making progress from Key Stage 2 to Key State 4 is below the national average and needs to be improved. The report revealed that there are problems with disruptions in lessons and with bullying. In effect, the leadership of the school hasn’t been firm enough with those prone to causing trouble.

John Court, the Headteacher, said that everyone at the school was disappointed by what the inspection revealed. Not only that, but he also said that the disappointment was also felt by the Dioceses of Chichester and the school’s governing body.

Per Mr. Court, the school has made great strides forward in the last five years. In the year 2011, the school was named 58th most improved school. However, that trend didn’t carry forward into 2012. The school inspectors expected more rapid progress and didn’t see it.

In their defence, the Headteacher did say that William Parker Sports College has had more than their fair share of challenges. The largest he noted was the lack of qualified teachers in the Hastings area. As he put it, without good teachers, no progress can be made.