Wonder dog hailed as a hero for saving owner

Looby Loo is a rescue dog who has now been elevated to wonder dog status after saving her owners life when he slipped into a coma caused by his diabetes. She barked like a maniac and kept licking Tony Snow’s face during the early hours of Tuesday until girlfriend Mary Friend woke up and promptly called 999. 55 year old Tony believes he owes his life to Looby Loo and thinks she must have some kind of sixth sense to know he was in trouble and if she hadn’t intervened he would have been dead by the morning when Mary awoke.

After a stay in hospital Tony came home feeling weak and needing recuperation. He recalls waking early on Tuesday morning but felt barely conscious and everything being hazy. He felt the dogs went nose and tongue going like the clappers and realised that he couldn’t move. When Looby Loo roused Mary she immediately realised that he was in a diabetic coma and dialled 999 while pushing glucose tablets into him but his blood sugar level remained critically low.

As Tony says it was very serious, he knows his own body better than anyone and if Looby hadn’t woken up him and Mary he would be a goner. Tony was diagnosed with insulin dependent Type Two diabetes when he was 40, and when the paramedics arrived at their home in West Ham nr Pevensey, they put him straight on a glucose drip. It took an hour for him to start and regain his strength and then the enormity of the situation really dawned on him.

It was Mary who got Looby Loo, now aged 7, from the Shoreham Dogs Trust when Looby was only 11 months old. She said of the incident that it was horrible to wake up and find Tony so ill and very frightening. Mary’s daughter Susy, a 22 year old uni student added that Looby is a fantastic dog and everyone was incredibly grateful to her for saving Tony’s life. A spokeswoman from the Dogs’ Trust said that this incredible story highlighted the vital role which a dog can play in our lives.